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Trusted Advisor

It's normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and vendors out there who can help you solve your IT and business challenges.  SolvinIT was created to be that trusted advisor, helping you navigate the highway of information and answers that flow in IT.  Our clients are faced with challenges such as:

  • Securing their data and e-mail


  • Finding a company who can manage their IT


  • Which vendors to use to support their office desktops, phones, and bandwidth


  • How to lower spend but increase uptime and performance


  • What is cloud best used for, and what cloud services to use


  • Solving new or prospective client requirement


  • Need to implement Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity

Executives say 56% of the time spent on strategic planning is wasted and only 23% of business partners view IT strategic planning as effective.
Smarter with Gartner

With this technique, we can save you hundreds if not thousands of hours of research which would involve speaking with vendor-biased and specific technology driven sales pitches.   We aren’t here to push a technology or a vendor you don’t need.


We are here to provide you with an experience-based consultation from an industry insider who knows what works and what doesn’t.  And we are so confident in our services that we offer this consultation at no charge.

We are here to help.  Our approach begins with a consultative meeting with your stakeholders to understand your business and its requirements, challenges, clients and growth plans.  Once we have this understanding from a deep dive discovery, we provide you with an outside view of how we recommend to proceed with your IT strategy.


Offering vendor insights to how they approach your challenges and a technology overview for how similar companies in your industry are solving their challenges and the technology trends occurring today including UCaaS, AI/ML, Edge Computing, and more.

At the end of our consultation we provide you with a Report of Understanding (RoU) that details your solution, our recommendations and with your approval, a concierge introduction service to the vendors we recommended at no charge.  This means a clean hand-off to a representative who already knows the challenges you face from someone who speaks the same language as them and knows what information will serve best to provide you with the best solution.


Want to know more?  Book a meeting with us at SolvinIT, a Professional IT Services company, for a no commitment meeting to answer questions, discuss our services, or to begin your Report of Understanding consultation.

What to expect from a Report of Understanding

Curated introduction to the recommended vendors including a brief of the competitive landscape in providers.

One on One review of the RoU, answering any questions you may have and what to expect next on your journey to the IT solution best fit for your company

An overview of your current solution, including the technologies you use, your expected growth and the challenges you face

Quotes for optional services upon request, such as RFP Services, Solution Analysis, and Contract Review

A recommendation of technologies, techniques, and vendors to solve your challenges, both today's and tomorrow's

Request for Proposal

  • Creation and review with your internal personnel to create an RFP that will address your needs

  • Review vendor responses and weight responses on a point system

  • Answer RFPs to best position your capabilities vs. client needs

  • Accompany on-site vendor visits to act as technical or vendor expert

Solution Analysis

  • Review vendor proposed solution and advise on feasibility, reliability and expected performance

  • Advise on additional services that may not be addressed based on needs or current trends in your vertical

  • Compare multiple vendor proposed solutions and advise you strengths and caveats of each, painting a full picture of your options

Contract Review

  • Review contract terms and pricing against industry standards

  • Provide you with a what to expect for downtime based on SLAs and Uptime, as well as your options if an incident occurs

  • Advise on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity contract conditions for restoration of business (RPO/RTO)

Additional Services

Technology Partners

Book a Meeting

Quick Question

We know your time is precious and sometimes you just need a quick answer to a quick question. Let's talk.

SolvinIT Services Query

Looking to get more information about our services?  This 30 minute time slot is an open forum for you to ask any questions about who we are and how we can help.

RoU Consultation

Time to solve your challenges.  No charge consultation resulting in a Report of Understanding.  May take multiple consultations to provide a comprehensive report.

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