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Results Are What Matter

Your business is constantly demanding more. From MVP to IPO, your business requires a diverse and extensive skillset to overcome the challenges it will inevitably face. While you thrive on the tasks that drive you and led you to ownership, other responsibilities must be addressed.  This is where SolvinIT excels. Allow us to resolve the issues that hinders your growth, profitability, or even your sleep.

Our approach is different: We believe that business consulting must go further than just advice.  We need to be able to execute on the advice for our clients, and create the success that the business needs.  Leveraging our extensive experience across various positions and industries, we delve deep into your business and market. Since our discovery process necessitates buy-in and collaboration, we carefully evaluate our clients to ensure a suitable partnership.


We go farther than advice.  Because results matter.  And results require action.

Business Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice
Harvard Business Review

Discover & Plan

Our first step is to deep dive into your business.  What have you finished recently, what are you working on now, and what is your future?  Where are your concerns, or what do you think you can do better.  Diving deep allows us to ascertain your strategy and tactics, and allows us to reveal where the issues are, especially the ones that you may not see yourself.


We investigate the software you are running, the processes you have in place, the documentation and data.  How you interact with your clients.  And understand how your employees perceive their responsibilities and find out if they are equipped to succeed.


The next steps are the clarifying ones.  Where do we go from here and how we implement what needs to be done.  If you have ever worked with a business consulting firm, this step is familiar.  We provide recommendations for action.

Act & Refine

This is where the SolvinIT difference lives.  We believe advice isn't enough.  Working in collaboration with your team, we embark on developing the concrete processes, roadmaps, and planned tool deployments based on the recommendations provided. We work in the trenches, with you and your teams to put recommendation into action. Once deployed, any necessary updates or improvements are incorporated into subsequent versions, and we aim for a positive change in the initial release.


The deployment phase necessitates training, documentation, and obtaining buy-in from individuals, which can only be achieved through effective personnel training. Leveraging our expertise in behavior training, we discern how your users learn best and acquire the appropriate materials that facilitate their comprehension of the information.

Sales Strategy Development



Diversify the client portfolio through new client acquisition and establish a scalable sales organization.



To address this challenge, a two-fold solution was accomplished:

  1. Hire a New Sales Leader: The first step was to recruit a competent Sales Leader who possessed a proven track record in generating new business and expanding client portfolios. This individual needed to have a strong network and the ability to leverage their existing contacts to bring in new clients. By bringing in a Sales Leader with their own "book of business," a solid foundation of potential clients was established, providing an immediate boost to the client portfolio diversification efforts.

  2. Develop a Commission Schedule: Alongside hiring a Sales Leader, it was crucial to design a comprehensive commission schedule. This commission structure incentivized and motivated the sales leader to focus on acquiring new clients while maintaining a long-term perspective on customer relationship building. The commission structure included different tiers and percentages based on the size or profitability of the accounts brought in, encouraging the sales leader to target high-value prospects while ensuring a fair compensation scheme.

Startup Strategy



Build a company centered around a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution that incorporates a new technology Intellectual Property (IP). Additionally, there is a need to further develop an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for consumer-grade technology.


To address these challenges, a multi-step solution was executed:

  1. Identify Acquisition Target: The first step was to identify a suitable acquisition target that aligns with the company's objectives. Look for a company that possesses the necessary expertise and resources in the BPO industry, as well as potential IP that can enhance the technological capabilities of the new company. Thorough due diligence was conducted to evaluate the target company's financials, technology portfolio, and market positioning.

  2. Create a Report for VC Funding: Prepared a detailed report that highlights the value proposition of the new company, including the BPO solution and the new technology IP. This report outlined the market potential, competitive advantage, and revenue projections. Presented the report to venture capitalists (VCs) and potential investors to secure the necessary funding for the acquisition and subsequent development of the company.

  3. Re-build Acquired Company for Production Release: Once the acquisition was complete, the focus was shifted on restructuring and repositioning the acquired company for production release including assessing the existing BPO processes and technology infrastructure to identify areas for improvement and optimization. Implemented necessary changes to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure the successful integration of the new technology IP.

Contract Review


Develop and deploy a new product based on ownership vision.


To address this challenge, the following was completed:

  1. Identify Market, Target, Value-add, and Marketing Strategy: Conducted market research to identify the target market for the new product. Analyzed customer needs, preferences, and pain points to understand how the product can add value and differentiate itself from competitors. Developed a clear value proposition that highlights the unique benefits and advantages of the product. Based on this understanding, created a marketing strategy that effectively communicates the value proposition to the target audience.

  2. Acquire First Base Clients: In order to jumpstart the solution and gain momentum, there was a focus on acquiring the first base clients with a minimum viable product. These initial clients served as early adopters and advocates for the product, providing valuable feedback and references. Further identification of potential clients who align with the target market and have a high likelihood of benefiting from the product. Tailored sales efforts to showcase the value-add of the product and establish strong relationships with these first clients.

Case Studies

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Evaluate & Finalize

Using metrics gathered from the discovery stage, we evaluate the changes to find the overall impact, whether in time, dollars or prepping for scale.  Setting and meeting these KPIs are paramount to the success of the changes and to your company.

We perform a final survey and sit down with you and your teams to ensure complete satisfaction and answer any questions.  We provide you the documentation to continue development and keep your teams on task.

We would be honored to be your partner.

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